Liz Klinger, an associate on the project in the company “Lioness” from California, always wanted to create a device that will enable women to explore themselves. She grew up in a conservative family in which she was embarrassed to talk about sex, so today she wants to help other women to open up and feel free about their own sexuality. The “Lioness” company invented the smart bullet vibrators that allows every woman to get familiar with her own body and find out what she likes. With a little help from this gadget, ladies will be able to know exactly what the duration of sexual intercourse they like best, and in which pose they can achieve an orgasm. This amazing new … Read About It


Having low budget problems and yet your girl wants new stuff for your bedroom? Too shy to visit the local sex shop, and too lazy to order some kinky shit online? We reveal to you things from everyday life that might improve the quality of your sex games, though you should feel free to experiment with almost everything you can find in your home. Just be rational.

Scarves and ties

Great for some light bondage, or even S&M depending on your preference. Tie your partner’s eyes to trick all her/his senses and make them become more sensitive to every stimulus. You can (and should) also consider using scarves for tying each other to a bedpost or wherever, and at the … Read About It


It’s perfectly normal to fantasize about older women, especially if they’re good looking and available. In fact, this is something most men do occasionally, but not everyone will actually take one home. If you’re considering this as an option, we’re about to tell you “do it!”, because nothing is more empowering as having sex with a real woman who knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to get it. Except maybe having sex with twelve women at the same time regardless of their age.

They’re wild and free in bed

MILFs are experienced women, which means they know a lot about men and how to please them, except in the case of a 50-year-old virgin whose last chance is kidnapping … Read About It