Sex toys in your home – What you already have but didn’t think about using it that way

Having low budget problems and yet your girl wants new stuff for your bedroom? Too shy to visit the local sex shop, and too lazy to order some kinky shit online? We reveal to you things from everyday life that might improve the quality of your sex games, though you should feel free to experiment with almost everything you can find in your home. Just be rational.

Scarves and ties

Great for some light bondage, or even S&M depending on your preference. Tie your partner’s eyes to trick all her/his senses and make them become more sensitive to every stimulus. You can (and should) also consider using scarves for tying each other to a bedpost or wherever, and at the sime time using tie for spanking and/or tingling. Be creative and use them in various ways.


Cell phones

Set your phone to vibrate and you get a great stimulator, almost like a real vibrator. Also, there are some new apps for cell phones, such as MyVibe that provide a wide range of vibrations, from short and fast, to longer and slower ones.



Bet you didn’t know this, but it can be applied to other parts of the body, such as genitals. Its ingredients will increase the blood flow which will cause high sensitivity and therefore more intense feeling. In addition to providing a great feeling during oral sex, it is important to use it during foreplay only, because they can irritate the intimate region during intercourse.


Washing machine

Washing your dirty laundry can become an exciting experience. Although the working washing machine itself may not be sufficient for achieving orgasm, its vibration and heat are offering certain stimulation that can’t be ignored.


Body lotion

Great for masturbation and massage, especially the ones based on oil. They should never be used vaginally or anally though, because they may cause infection and can also damage condoms and latex. Before using it always read the label and see whether it contains alcohol, which can irritate the skin.


Heating pads

In addition to releaving muscle pain and reducing stress, heating pads encourage blood flow and therefore increase sensitivity of certain body parts. That’s right, you can place them under your ass during oral sex, or you can even use them to increase temperature of your genitals.


Stereo speakers

Offering some great potential to stimulate the diaphragm and clitoris. Speakers pulsating will stimulate almost 15 thousand nerves in woman’s intimate areas, thus resulting in sexual arousal. Play some tunes you love at the same time and it’s like you’re being stimulated by your favorite artists.



Ideal for exhibitionists, mirrors are very visually and mentally stimulating. Put some mirrors in your bedroom, or use a hand-held mirror to watch you and your partner have sex. Observe facial expressions and see how both of you look like during intercourse. It might feel weird at first, but the more you do it you might even get addicted to watching yourself in action all the time.


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